PETS ! Our Other Children are Affected by EMF Pollution.

Researchers at Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine who studied 230 dogs with lymphoma found a high correlation of cancer in those who had been exposed to high levels of EMFs. 

An EMF Evaluation should include all areas where your pet

hangs out and sleeps.

"I really want to thank you for all the work you have done at my home. It has made a big difference and everyone feels it. I'm sorry the structure of the house was such a bear to contend with, but thank you for persevering and being part of this transformation.

I'm so grateful that you stuck with me throughout these months and were willing to work here despite all the delays and hiccups. I'm very glad that it was you who put your hands on this house."

❤  Holland  (No Relation!)

Alta Dena

EMF Consultant

“I have lived in Malibu for the past 34 years. As you can imagine I have experienced multiple difficulties with electrical issues which have required the intervention of an Electrician. Not to say anything bad about the many Electricians I have encountered but after meeting William he is in a league of his own. His superior knowledge, dedication and reliability is truly outstanding”
Dr. William C. Rader, M.D., Malibu

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Electrical Contractor

Holland Electrical offers quality Electrical Contracting services for new and remodeled construction:

  •   panel changes              
  •   indoor and outdoor lighting
  •  maintenance and troubleshooting

Holland Electrical is an Electrical Contractor Vendor for the State of California and has been serving the Southern California region for over 20 years.

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"The less people know,

the more stubbornly

they know it."



Health Conscious Electrical 


EMF Consultant and Electrical Contractor

William Holland extends a personal commitment

to quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

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EMF Evaluation & Mitigation

Electricity Affect Us on a Biological Level!

William and Prophet

William Holland specializes in EMF and RF Consultation, Evaluation and Mitigation. William is an Electrical Contractor as well so he holds the Professional licensed, experience and knowledge to fix EMF hazards at the source.

EMF (electromagnetic fields), associated with electrical power in your home, and RF (radio frequencies), associated with everything wireless, are serious global health concerns. Our population is exposed to 100 million times more EMF/RF Radiation than our parents were and the levels will continue to grow as our love affair with technology advances. The correlation between the 21st Century rise of disease and the rise and abundance of EMF/RF in our living and work space is alarming and can not be dismissed. Visit EMF

"Home Sweet Home"should promote health and safety with low EMF/RF pollution especially for children, babies and expecting Mom's.Visit PREGNANT?

The State of California commissioned The California EMF Project.
After years of compiling the existing research data, the project committee concluded that Magnetic Fields likely causeleukemia, brain cancer, ALS, and spontaneous abortion, as well as being the “possible cause”of heart problems, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and suicide.

Science Question Asked: Does EMF cause biological effects?

Answeredby top research Scientists in the USA and from across the Globe:

YES! EMF adversely effects us on multiple biological levels.

Kaiser Permanente Study Provides Evidence of Health Risks Linked

to Electromagnetic Field Exposure

Yale Medical School,US Army, National Institute of Health, Kaiser Permanente,and more research can be found on EMF Page.

EMF Pollution

is more of a health concern then exposure to

lead, asbestos, radon and pesticides combined.

Holland Electrical EMF works with leading Scientists, Electrical Engineers, Medical Professionals, State Building Authority and Building Biologists (Bau Biologie) creating contemporary EMF Safety Protocols that lower EMF pollution in our homes for our family and pets and for our communities.

William is an avid photographer, cyclist, angler and all around sportsman having great respect and appreciation for our environment.