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“I have lived in Malibu for the past 34 years. As you can imagine I have experienced multiple difficulties with electrical issues which have required the intervention of an Electrician. Not to say anything bad about the many Electricians I have encountered but after meeting William he is in a league of his own. His superior knowledge, dedication and reliability is truly outstanding”

Dr. William C. Rader, M.D., Malibu

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In some cases a short can be made to the grounding system. This situation is made when a "hot" wire carrying voltage connects to a ground and does not trip the breaker.  A possible cause, but not limited to, is an improper grounding system.

Bright or dimming lights indicates that your electrical system should be addressed as soon as possible.

Call the Power Company to have them check connections from utility source to behind your electrical meter.

When an electrical system's ground is poor or lost entirely, a very dangerous situation is created. When electricity flows through a circuit, it must find a path to earth, or ground. If the ground from the utility company is lost electricity will be forced to find another path to ground itself.  Electricity shock is very dangerous and can be deadly.

  • Electrical Shock
  • Bright or Dimming Lights

  • High Electricity Bill

Fire Hazard


William Holland is a licensed Electrical Contractor and has been serving Southern California for over 20 years. Specializing in EMF Mitigation and Electrical Contracting.

Many electromagnetic fields are caused by wiring errors. A common source of elevated magnetic field readings in homes is electrical current on a water pipe. This is more accurately described as neutral current diversion into a metallic plumbing and grounding system = "ground current". The Situation exists when some of the current that would normally return through the electrical service line feeding the building is instead channeled onto the grounding system, where it returns to the transformer by way of alternate paths, including the public water main and neighboring residences. This unbalanced current creates a strong magnetic field.

Wiring errors cause

the majority of electrical problems and safety concerns.

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